Introduction. International students – Anton and Mika

Kiev Institute of Business and TechnologyCollege newsIntroduction. International students – Anton and Mika

PHOTO: From left to right – Miheyl Mikadze, Tbilisi, Georgia. Anton Deryuchenka, Svetlogorsk, Belarus

In 2016 KIBiT expands geography of it’s students. This year we have students from Georgia and Belarus.

KIBiT had a talk with them and happy to introduce all these guys.

– Why did you decide to study abroad?

Anton: I want to see the world. I want to use all benefits of the youth – to travel and to meet new people.

Mika: First, education and living in Ukraine are cheaper than in Georgia. Second, I hope to get a better education here.

– Why did you choose Ukraine and not other country to study?

Anton: I was thinking about the options of Smolensk, and Bryansk, and St. Petersburg, but there the education is very expensive. Even if it had worked, the life there would be more expensive.

Mika: My mother has lived and worked in England for over 10 years. She called me there for studying, but I didn’t want to. I like this country better (Ukraine – Ed.).

– OK. You have chosen Ukraine. And why KIBiT?

Anton: I filed papers in Shevchenko (Kyiv National University of Shevchenko – Ed.), But it did not work because of the long application process, and KIBiT was the best for applying.

Mika: I liked your site. The information there is a clear and steps of applying are easy.

– What was the decisive factor in choosing KIBiT?

Anton: Low cost. Easy application steps. And the University is in the capital of Ukraine. For example, I was studying in Minsk and then would go to study in a small city – it would be depressive. I therefore increase the level: Minsk – Kyiv – then something bigger.

– And do you know what will you do after graduation?

Anton: Warsaw. I want to study there after KIBiT.

Mika: I want to work in Rockstar Games, the game developing company (it created Grand Theft Auto (GTA)).

– What are your plans about Ukraine?

Mika: If I find a good job, it will stay in Ukraine. If not – I plan to try China or the US, but better China.

– You moved to another country. What did you know about Ukraine?

Mika: Ukraine and Georgia are friendly countries and people here love and respect Georgians. We also really like the Ukrainians, always helped and will help them.

Anton: What do you know about Belarus? (Laughs). I was here more than once. All Belarusians were in Ukraine. Because this country is familiar to me.

– What did you chose to study, what will be your profession?

Mika: IT-engineering. I love computers, I play games now and will always play. This is my reality.

Anton: I studied law, now started the management. I want to be a politician. Want to change the world for the better life. I have my views on many things in the world.

Mika (in response to Anton): You must love your country; you should respect people. Then everything will change.

The studying year starts. And we do not say goodbye to Mika and Anton. After the first examination session we will come back to chat with them and see how their opinion about the KIBiT, Kiev and Ukraine changed.