International Mother Language Day in KIBiT

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UNESCO celebrates International Mother Language Day (IMLD) on February 21, 2017 under the theme «Towards Sustainable Futures through Multilingual Education». Kiev Institute of Business and Technology takes part in the celebration, because we a sure that studying of foreign languages and improving of communication skills in mother tongue are the necessary competencies for modern person.
KIBiT is an educational space where the different cultures are met.
Do you know that students speak in Arabic, Amharic, English, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Urdu and Yoruba in our university?
We could understand the beauty of a language, even if we do not know it, through a song, poetry, and also through the stories about economic strategy of the country, because the business is a part of culture.
On Thursday we will do a lot of stuff:
– to listen Arabic (Palestine);
– to sing songs Ukrainian and Yoruba (Nigeria);
– to watch short film in Urdu (Pakistan);
– to read Romanian poetry;
– to meet with art and economy of Ethiopia Amharic;
– to learn about the economic success of South Korea (Korean and Russian);
– to hear about Ukrainian successful business projects that have been emerged on the world market;
– to speak English.

What is your mother language?
Come to KIBiT on February, 23  2017  2 p.m. and share with us.
Let us know more about each other!

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