The current student hardly remembers life "to computer era." Information technology and communications have changed our way of life and communication. Who could not master their own - losing a chance to be in the mainstream. As technology transformed through this system of education in higher education can understand, remembering the past 15 years.


Of course, the Kyiv Institute of Business and Technology, as well as the last 15 years, is proud of its library: a collection of classic, new and modern textbooks, reference books, encyclopedias, recommended books for each course, teaching materials, periodicals and small but lovingly picked Fund fiction - it's "assets" of our university. Any student or employee has this wealth of direct and quick access. Even a small showcase of fresh proceeds to the library collection is located right in the corridor of the Institute not only in Kiev but also in Vinnytsya, Uman, Zhytomyr and Lugansk.


The library has been the information center, it has undergone a transformation, turning from libraries in equipped computers, scanners and printers modern tools to find information. In Kiev, for example, a library of common areas of its life - a bright and spacious corridor - ask runs or "not seen ... and when ... and where are ...". Aquarium between windows - is not just an element of the interior, as part of the educational process: very hard, paying attention to it, not with wide eyes follow the life of another element. Since the regime "turbo" mode once to "slow."

Themselves approaches and learning tools transformed into the Members area of the computer and the Internet, all educational and training materials have long existed in electronic form. Teachers in the process of learning and knowledge in the evaluation using various interactive digital technology. Lecture halls equipped with multimedia projectors, speakers, classes are so the format is not classical, modern and interactive.

Although most students have their own comprehension PC computer labs - is a necessary and sufficient condition to any student felt "connected." Each unit has one or several and modern computer labs with free access to the web. Every student, no matter where he studied may at any time use the shared computer with constant Internet connection located in the corridors of the buildings.